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A city that buzzes with a historic Hollywood past and a bright future. From its beginnings of a ranching town to then being the showcase of the famous TV show “Dallas,” Allen Texas can show viewers and anyone that visits the community what Texas is all about.

One thing that does not translate over from the TV series is the malicious and backstabbing nature of the Dallas residents. Typically, one could draw that characteristic from a truck accident insurance agent. The malicious and manipulative insurance companies that do not want to pay anyone the rightful compensation they deserve for being hit by an 18-wheeler.

Insurance agents will do whatever they can to minimize or even eliminate your claim after you have been injured in a truck wreck. To avoid this, you need the prominent Dallas truck accident attorneys at your disposal. The lawyers that handle these truck wrecks to perfection are the Reyes Browne Reilley truck wreck injury attorneys. You can count on skilled attorneys at Reyes Browne Reilley to ensure you receive the compensation and treatment by the insurance that you are rightfully owed.

After a truck wreck, you may have injuries ranging from minor, to severe, to life-altering. These injuries have given you the right to be compensated for the commercial driver’s negligence. Handling the complexities of a commercial policy claim and/or a lawsuit is not for the typical consumer. The insurance company will offer you low settlement offers to ensure you do not acquire the assistance of an attorney. Typically, if someone is trying to settle out quickly, it means there is a lot more money left on the table.

Truck accidents often cause irreparable damage to your body and your life. A lowball offer coming from the insurance company to settle without any lawyers being involved is an insult. Your life will never be the same that it was before their client’s negligent actions took that part of your life away. Do not allow them to brush you and the challenges you will face for the rest of your life under the rug. Your life deserves far more than what they will originally offer you.

Our attorneys reach for the maximum compensation that is possible for situations like yours. Especially considering commercial drivers carry commercial insurance policies, there is an extremely high maximum for insurance payouts. We fight for what we know you deserve and will not settle for a dime less than what we know your case is worth. For nearly 30 years of experience, we have you covered, even if their insurance tries to tell you they will not.

Contact us as soon as you can. Whenever a commercial insurance policy is involved, the insurance company will mount a defense faster than most can understand. Call our legal staff hotline now to get started on your case. If you are worried about paying for our services, you have nothing to worry about! We offer 100% free consultations and do not take a penny for attorney’s fees unless we win your case! Call us now at (214) 526-7900.