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The city of Anna Texas located just off of U.S Highway 75, far from the bustling city of Dallas, is proud to display their badges of safety. One of Texas’ most safe cities is a great place to start and raise a family away from the chaos of the big cities. The suburban city is fairly quiet and peaceful.

However, even one of the safest cities in Texas still has some rather unfortunate incidences. These incidents we would be referring to are car accidents. Being located on quite a few State Highways gives Anna citizens a slight disadvantage as they’re more than likely going to fall victim to someone else’s mistakes while operating a motor vehicle.

When that happens, look no further than the group of professional and dedicated car accident lawyers that North Texas offers. The best representation that your case deserves lies with the high-quality staff of the Reyes Browne Reilley law offices.

You can’t go wrong when enlisting in a law firm that has over 30 years of experience to their name, multiple highly rated Super Lawyers on staff, and some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet, assisting you and your every need after your accident. We can help you with anything from referring you to the best and brightest doctors, to helping you get your maximum compensation in either a settlement or in a court decision.

Our dedicated staff is here to help you and your family recover from a car accident you shouldn’t have even been in in the first place. You did nothing wrong! Why should you have to pay for anything out of pocket? That’s right, you shouldn’t, and we’re here to make sure you won’t.

Being that your case deserves the best car accident lawyers, you won’t find anyone more accommodating for your needs, and tenacious in negotiations. We’re so certain that you’re in the best hands that we make it risk free for you. We start you off with 100% free consultation.

Conversing with one of our highly trained professionals for free can be a huge step in getting the right direction for your case. Not only that, but we don’t assess any fee to you for our services unless we win. We’ll take care of you 100% of the way.

Let our family take care of yours with the attention to detail that you deserve. You’ve already started on this journey to enlist in a legal professional and you might as well enlist with the best. We boast a 98% success rate that will be sure you’re given the compensation for your injuries, pain and suffering, and lost wages that you deserve and not a penny less.

Insurance companies see our demand letters come across their desks knowing that we mean business. We’re not in the game to just settle a case to get it off of ours. We’re in the case to settle cases for the highest amounts. Going with someone else may have a slightly faster case ending date, but you’re not going to get the full amount of compensation that you deserve.

With insurance companies, they’re going to give you the run around. They’ll dance around the law in order to try give you far less than you deserve to protect their own profits. That’s what they’re trained to do. But we’re trained to catch them, bring them to the table, and get your full compensation.

Our reputation with insurance companies is one thing, but our attention to detail and refusal to make mistakes is an entirely different beast that they’re scared to see.

Finding the best attorneys to help with your car accident case isn’t very difficult. From here you can have your 100% free consultation with our top professionals by dialing (214) 526-7900. You’re truly in the right hands having us in your corner to hold those at fault responsible.