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Dallas Based Personal Injury Lawyers with National Scope

Most of us know the old saying, "adding insult to injury", and it is a good way to sum up the feeling of aggravation, frustration, and hopelessness that can sometimes accompany a major auto accident. After all, there is usually someone "at fault" and someone who is the victim. Unfortunately, if you are a victim, you tend to come up against large insurance firms hoping to avoid massive payouts due to their client's negligence, and when you have to fight for what is yours...well, that certainly feels like an insult added to your injuries.

Making claims or getting compensation from insurance firms may not sound too difficult to overcome. After all, if the accident was ruled the fault of the other driver it should be an "open and shut" case...right? Sadly, the answer is that insurance firms are making enormous and record-setting profits, which means they are doing so because they know how to get around their obligations. This is why anyone involved in an accident should contact one of our Dallas accident attorneys.

As it says above, we are personal injury lawyers with national scope, even though we are also seriously committed to our Texas community, as well. We are also a team of Dallas accident attorneys that has received some of the highest professional ratings possible. We are a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated, firm. We have obtained these peer and customer ratings because of our total commitment.

This is not just a commitment to getting the appropriate outcome or results, but to do so with dedication to ethics, performance, professionalism, and service. We understand the plight of our customers as they struggle to recover from accidents, personal injury cases of all kinds, defective products and more. We know that the insurance companies look to escape through loopholes or to just wear someone down with delays and lengthy cases.

The entire Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm team is committed to justice, and we make sure that every possible issue is handled with the firm's total resources and attention. As Dallas accident attorneys we have committed to the kinds of technology and resources essential to our success, and we even ensure that our staff is bilingual in English and Spanish to meet the needs of our Texas-based clientele.

Negligence Should Mean Responsibility

As a good example of how we work, let's say you were involved in an auto accident that was not your fault but was due to negligence on the part of another driver. Whether it was another passenger vehicle, an 18-wheeler, or a bus, you should not have to struggle to receive the financial compensation that you are due under Texas laws. However, you might face an uphill battle when you begin to pursue the guilty parties for what is due. Rather than wait for such a headache, you can rely on our team of skilled Dallas accident attorneys from the very start.

Turn to Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm Immediately

Our personal injury lawyers and our entire legal staff aggressively defend injury plaintiff rights in auto and truck accidents and work hard to ensure that our clients receive everything from those lost wages to funds necessary to pay any and all medical bills. Remember too that negligence can also leave the person at fault for the costs associated with pain and suffering too, and our Dallas accident attorneys and extensive legal staff are prepared to support these claims as well.

Whether you need Dallas accident attorneys to help you with a case that has become impossible to manage or one that has just happened, you can depend on our commitment. We have extensive skills in litigation and are comfortable heading to trial if that is where your case should go, but we are also just as successful with working on your behalf to negotiate the best outcome outside of a courtroom too.

If you are facing a long recovery and many upsets after an accident, and yet the insurance company is refusing to pay, don't let them add insult to your injury. Our Dallas accident attorneys can help you with your case right away. From truck and auto accidents, dangerous drug and defective medical devices, and all types of personal injury cases including slip and fall, premises liability to defective product liability cases we can help you immediately. Don't hesitate to contact our team today.

Client Reviews
A great experience. Professional staff and convenient notary also. I didn't have to run around like crazy. They explained everything clearly. These lawyers are the best. Evelyn K.
I was in a accident back in 2015. Reyes Brown Reilley took my case. They did communicate forth and back well through email since i am deaf myself. They did a great job. I am happy with the result. Heather M.
I would definitely recommend Reyes and Reyes. They constantly kept me updated and communicated with me. I just provided them with the information needed and they took care of the rest. My case was so minor I didn't expect to get back the amount I did. They did a great job and I felt really comfortable with them. Becky M.
Very professional and trustworthy. The people at Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm are very nice and you just feel like they are doing the best for. Really loved my experience with them and would highly recommend to anyone. Saul G.