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car_crash-300x199With its large population, Texas unsurprisingly sits at the top of the list in total number of traffic accident fatalities. It saw 3,398 traffic fatalities in 2012, topping the list. Here are some of the top causes of accidents in Texas.

It was in the top ten in fatality rate per 100 million vehicle miles traveled, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Below are some statistics from the Texas Department of Transportation that highlight the most common causes of accidents in Texas.

Failing to Control Speed

In 2013, failing to control speed was the biggest factor in car accidents in the state of Texas. 115,889 high-speed car accidents occurred that year. Out of those, 427 were fatal, while 12,061 resulted in serious injuries.

Distracted Driving

Driver inattention or distracted driving also contributed to a lot of vehicle accidents in 2013. Distraction inside the vehicle contributed to 10,890 accidents, while driver inattention contributed to 86,628 accidents.

Failure to Yield

There were several types of failure to yield-related accidents in 2013. In total, failure to yield was a contributing factor in 78,427 accidents. Of these, 27,199 involved a vehicle that failed to yield while turning left and 22,618 involved failure to yield at a stop sign.

Failure to Maintain Lanes

Failure to maintain lanes was another factor contributing to accidents in 2013. Failure to drive in a single lane contributed to 29,572 accidents that year.

Changed Lane When Unsafe

There were 26,057 accidents related to changing lanes when it was unsafe to do so in 2013. This caused 2,284 serious injury crashes.


Tailgating or following another vehicle too closely was a contributing factor in 23,776 accidents, 2,699 of which caused serious injuries.

Driving Under the Speed Limit

There were 23,577 accidents in 2013 caused by driving at an unsafe speed that was under the speed limit. There were 5,198 fatal accidents in this category.

Faulty Evasive Action

In 22,541 accidents, faulty evasive action was a contributing factor to the wreck. In 4,572 of these accidents, somebody suffered serious injuries.

Disregarding a Stop Sign or Light

A driver disregarded a stop sign or a stop light in 18,200 car accidents in 2013. In 3,542 cases, this resulted in serious injuries to the negligent driver or another occupant or individual.

Drinking and Driving

There were 14,967 cases where an individual was driving drunk at the time of a car accident. In 3,131 cases, an individual was under the influence of drugs.

Road Rage a Big Problem in Dallas

Road rage is a problem for some drivers in Dallas. In 2013, road rage contributed to 1,069 accidents in Texas, according to the Texas Department of Transportation. This has been a problem in Dallas in the last several years, as illustrated by a 2012 article in the Dallas Morning News. There were five fatal road rage accidents in the five years prior to the article.

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