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According to police, last Tuesday – October 19, 2021 – 911 dispatchers received several calls about a rollover accident and someone in the road. A 9-year-old child and his father were the victims of a road rage shooting that took place on Lyndon B. Johnson Highway near Lake June Road at about 4:30 in the afternoon. The father suffered multiple gunshot wounds and transported to the hospital but thankfully is not in any life threatening condition. Police are still looking for the gunman who was driving a blue Hyundai Sonata estimated to be model year 2009-2015 with tinted windows, and are asking citizens to keep their ears and eyes peeled.

How Texas Gun Laws Impact Road Rage

The year of 2021 alone has been the deadliest year in regards to road rage. Oftentimes, people forget the hazardous gravity that goes into operating a motor vehicle. People die behind the wheel every single day. So, when someone threatens an individuals’ well-being on the road, it is that much more emotionally triggering. This combination of heightened emotions while operating heavy machinery is the perfect recipe for road rage to occur. Road rage crimes are often caused by reckless impulsiveness, and adding a firearm to this equation can be deadly.

Under Governor Abbott’s permitless carry law passed in June of 2021 states that gun owners in Texas will no longer have to complete training, take a written exam and pass a shooting proficiency test. However, if a driver commits a road rage crime with a firearm, the gunman may be charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon – a first-degree felony. 

Some Road Rage Incidents in Texas since June

  • June (Fort Worth) – A driver fatally shot a motorcyclist who pulled a gun on him after a near-collision. The driver claims the act was self-defense.
  • June (Dallas) – A pregnant Dallas woman was rushed to the hospital after another motorist fired into her car, leaving her in critical condition and forced to deliver her baby early.
  • July (Houston) – A teenager was shot and killed while leaving an Astros game after the boy’s father and the other driver “exchanged hand gestures.” The motorist retaliated by following the family and shooting several times. 
  • July (Irving) – A man fired 17 shots from two guns at another driver on the road. Several cars were hit with bullets, but no one was injured.  

Help Detective Cortemelia

Police believe the suspect likely lives in southeast Dallas.

Anyone with information can call Detective Cortemelia at (214)796-3766 or email

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