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Auto Accidents

Tirek Sherman received the Plano Police Department’s Citizen Hero Award after rescuing a fellow citizen from their overturned car. By the time first responders arrived on the scene, Sherman made the decision to use his Amazon delivery van to block oncoming traffic and protect the driver at the scene before freeing the individual trapped.

Citizen Hero

According to Plano Police, Sherman saw the crash take place while he was waiting at the red light when he observed the crash and overturned vehicle. Thinking fast, Sherman quickly moved his vehicle and used it to block westbound traffic coming from Parker Road. After doing so, Sherman worked to free the trapped motorist from under the wrecked vehicle.

Police claim that Sherman’s immediate reaction did help prevent the likelihood of any additional crashes and further injuries. Sherman did sustain minor injuries to his hand from working to help free the trapped individual. The motorist also sustained some minor injuries, and both are recovering well.

Plano Police Chief Ed Drain honored the Amazon delivery driver for his willingness to step up and help a citizen in need. In addition, Amazon awarded Sherman “Driver of the Month,” recognizing his amazing character.

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