As the number of packages we order from the retail giant multiply, the body count from their delivery contractors continue to add up.

With technology becoming more and more accessible, it’s no wonder our ability to deliver packages becomes faster and faster. Amazon is the leader in the industry with overnight shipping of millions of their top items with nobody else even close besides Walmart with overnight shipping of 220,000 of their most popular items.

But with something so convenient and wonderful, it seems to come with a very large downfall. Amazon began contracting out it’s delivery drivers instead of retaining it’s own permanent delivery employees quite some time ago. They developed their “Flex” application that allows people to deliver packages with their own vehicles in order to kick up their massive onslaught at ruling the delivery retail market.

Why This is a Downfall

Amazon has a specific need for excellence when it comes to their on-time, next-day, and two-day delivery. According to contractors agreements with Amazon, they’re to ensure that 999 of 1000 packages arrive on time. With our technological capabilities, Amazon is able to track where all of the contractors are and whether they’re on time or not. If they’re on time, they’re left alone. If they’re behind schedule, they have other contracted dispatchers calling the drivers to hound them to speed it up.

Amazon contracts their duties for shipping and dispatching quite simply because it’s cheaper. It also allows them to have another benefit. It allows them to find a loophole that negates the retailer from being held liable for mistakes that drivers make in injuring or even killing people.

The world’s largest retailer, has in every contract that they are not to be held liable or able to assist in legal fees if a contractor were to be pursued in any personal injury or wrongful death lawsuit. Essentially this motion makes them untouchable for the 60 lives lost since June of 2015.

Amazon recently announced this last year that they would be spending 800 million dollars in order to shorten their delivery time for Prime members from two-day shipping, to overnight shipping.

Amazon’s Comments

It’s not so much what they have been saying about the instances, but rather their lack of comments that are truly startling. Most contractors that drive for Amazon don’t even have a single emblem from the retail giant on their vehicles making it nearly impossible to tell if they’re part of the delivery chain.

Amazon refuses to state any regret or remorse for the people that have been killed proceeding their accidents. Instead they focus more on their part and not being liable for the accident in the first place even though it was their packages that were being delivered, their contracted drivers delivering, and their contracted dispatchers pushing all while following Amazon’s strict rules that they do in fact enforce in their contracts.

It ceases to be seen that anyone will ever be able to have their day in court with massive company. But as for those that have had to deal with the aftermath of their loved ones or themselves being injured, they’re going to continue going after the contracted companies for settlement. Some struggle to even afford a lawyer for their case. Small companies are going to continue taking the aftermath of the accidents until someone gets them to stop implementing their no fault clause into their contracts.

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