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Auto Accidents

Although failing to stop before colliding into the rear of Matt Heller’s Lamborghini, Maddy, owner and driver of an Audi Sedan, is attempting to place the full blame on Heller. Despite the footage showing Heller’s Lamborghini already at a full stop and patiently waiting at the red light, Maddy tries her hand at twisting the story and pushing the blame onto the other driver.

Filing Police Reports at The Scene

Many legal complications can arise from failing to file a police report at the scene of a car accident in Texas. Oftentimes, individuals’ first reactions may be to resolve the issue without involving the police. However, it is important to emphasize the protection these reports provide individuals with. Police make documentation of what has taken place, who was there, any damages and other important details that may be relevant. Police take these details into consideration and unbiasedly outline them, preventing other drivers from making false claims.

It is best practice to have a police report made immediately and at the scene of the incident. Determining an accurate summary of what took place prevents false claims from originating, but also ensures receiving the care and treatment necessary. In the event injuries develop after the fact, as well as property damages realized after inspection, police reports help your chances of success.

Steps After an Auto Accident

While car accidents are hard to avoid in certain circumstances, being proactive after one occurs will limit the consequences individuals face. Due to State Law requirements in Texas, you must stay at the accident location and make the proper reports. Texas State Law makes no exceptions for leaving the scene, and doing so without making the proper reports with the Dallas Police Department (DPD) forfeits investigation of your offense by their detectives. If there is a failure to make a police report within 28 days of the car accident, then insurers may reject any claims on this basis, or require a justification for its delay.

“If this occurs, you will need to go to the nearest Dallas Police substation. You will need to pick up two items: a State of Texas Blue Form and a City of Dallas Individual Accident Report. Once you complete the State of Texas Blue Form, please mail it as indicated on the form. Once you complete the Individual Accident Report  you may return it to any Dallas Police substation. A Dallas Police service number will be assigned to it and kept on file serving as your accident report for your insurance company.​”

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