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Technology continues to advance and astound. One of the more noteworthy developments is the increased prevalence of autonomous trucks on major highways here in Texas.

These Companies are Choosing Texas for a Reason

Why Texas? Driverless truck companies have targeted Texas for multiple reasons, including the following:

  • Quality weather
  • Open roads
  • An established logistics hub
  • A supportive legislature

How Can These Trucks Be Safe?

It may sound terrifying to imagine a truck traveling at high speeds and not operated by a human being, the companies that produce these trucks have done so out of an abundance of caution. TuSimple is one of the manufacturers of these driverless trucks.  feature sensors and cameras that supply real-time data that informs the computer software of road and traffic conditions up to 3,000 feet ahead. It enables these trucks to react to emergencies 10 times faster than the average human driver.

Autonomous Trucks May Be Safer Than Human Drivers

Some people believe that these autonomous trucks will make our roadways safer. Bay Scoggin, the Director of the Texas Public Interest Research Group, said: “Here in Texas, we have the most dangerous roads in the nation, the most crashes, and the worst crashes. So anything that gets us away from distractions, impairment, fatigue, speeding, those are good steps.”

What You Can Expect to See in the Coming Years

Despite the bold innovation, the manufacturers of these autonomous trucks are taking baby steps when it comes to introducing these vehicles to the world. For example, Waymo is a self-driving tech company that now operates in Dallas. When their trucks first hit the road, they will have an autonomous human specialist sitting in the truck’s cab– hovering closely near the steering wheel if something malfunctions. These on-standby specialists will undergo extensive training before hitting the open road in an autonomous truck.

While the plan for Waymo continues to be introducing fully autonomous trucks to our roadways, an exact date has yet to be specified. TuSimple is already running autonomous trucks from Arizona to West Texas, with plans to expand to Austin, San Antonio, and Houston, and hopes to have its nationwide network in place by 2023.

An Eye Toward Protecting You

Here at Angel Reyes & Associates, our Dallas truck accident lawyers are closely monitoring these developments with a focus on what it means for the safety of all Texans. With our established track record– developed over the last 30 years– of fighting for justice on behalf of injured victims, we have recovered nearly $1 billion for our valued clients. We also proudly stand behind our 98 percent client success rate.

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