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Auto Accidents

Suffering from a traumatic truck wreck that has left Kathryn Prescott fortunate to be alive. Hit by a ready-mix concrete truck in New York, the British star is suffering from a broken pelvis in two places, both of her legs, her foot, and her left hand. The 55-year old driver operating the ready-mix concrete truck was attempting a right turn when he struck Prescott. Prescott barely avoided paralysis but remains in critical condition in the intensive care unit (ICU) of the hospital.

Commercial Truck Accidents

Prescott’s case is just one of the 500,000 truck crashes experts predict to happen annually. Big truck accidents, much like the one Prescott is enduring, are sure to have long-lasting effects on an individual’s life. Of these, a large number of truck accidents occur due to mechanical difficulties, especially those related to tires and brakes. Considering this, a large majority of these accidents are completely preventable.


With the largest percentage of commercial truck accidents occurring in Texas and California, truck accidents are far more common than people assume. In the event an individual falls victim to a truck accident, the injuries sustained vary. Injuries can include general body-aches and pain, like soft tissue injuries that involve abrasions, contusions, and lacerations. Soft tissue injuries also include injuries such as sprains, torn ligaments, and muscles, as well as whiplash and back strain.

Common hard injuries individuals are known to experience typically involve fractures and broken bones, disk hernias, organ damage, scarring, severe burns, traumatic brain injuries, internal bleeding, paralysis, and even death. Not to mention the pain and suffering behind the emotional distress that accompanies these physical conditions, or the loss of a loved one.


Individuals who have suffered such catastrophic accidents have entitlement to compensation for the costs of injuries and other losses, as well as for pain and suffering. In addition, individuals who suffer debilitating injuries are more likely to lose income based on missed workdays for recovery, or may no longer be able to work.

When considering the long and extensive process, along with the severity of injuries, it is likely that critically injured victims will take the first settlement offer from the truck driver’s or driving company’s insurance company. In doing this, the victim forfeits full compensation from those responsible.

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