Texas Sees Traffic Fatalities Remain Same High Amount During Shelter in Place

Author: Angel Reyes  

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Officials in Texas were hoping for a record low of traffic accidents, traffic accident-related injuries, and traffic deaths. They were unfortunately wrong about their predictions as we are now seeing even though millions of Texans are under the Stay At Home order, traffic accident deaths are still happening.

From Houston to Austin, and even Dallas, the stay at home order given by Governor Abbott has long been disregarded by many individuals. As traffic rates are currently cut in half, the decline of traffic deaths from year over year trend has only gone down a minuscule 21%.

The halting of public activity made little to no progress on slowing down a near two-decade onslaught trend of traffic fatalities. The Texas Department of Transportation’s crash recording system showed a log of 241 fatalities on the state roads during March of 2020. Even with COVID-19 restricting fatalities, we only saw 64 fewer deaths on Texas roads.

This brings out the question: “what do we have to do to get the fatalities to stop?” Dallas recently adopted the Mission Zero policy with a goal working towards 0 traffic deaths in Dallas within the coming few years. With very minimal traffic we hardly saw a decline in the number of deaths in a single month. With even one fatality being too many fatalities, there must be something we can do in order to lower the number of traffic deaths we see.

Safer driving habits need to be adopted by everyone on Texas roads. The hypothesis of “less traffic means fewer wrecks, and fewer deaths” is quite simply untrue and this statistic has proven it so. Reckless drivers will be reckless drivers regardless of the amount of traffic on the road. These reckless drivers must have their behavior behind the wheel changed in order to see real change in the trends of traffic accidents and fatalities.

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