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08122014According to the Department of Public Safety (DPS) fatality report, 42-year-old Marcus Fulton was distracted by his cell phone when his Honda sedan slammed into the back of a parked semi truck. The accident occurred on August 10, but police are still trying to put together a complete report of how the unusual accident occurred.

Witnesses say the semi truck was parked on the shoulder of I-45 North since August 8. Pictures from the scene indicate that the truck was very close or even slightly over the line separating the shoulder from the nearest traffic lane. The semi driver, 68-year-old Blooki Yahya was in the sleeper berth of the truck when the crash occurred. He suffered minor injuries and was taken to the hospital where he was treated and released.

Texas state law says vehicles abandoned for 48 hours can be towed away by police. Still, DPS troopers say that Fulton was ultimately responsible for the accident because it was his duty to be aware of potential hazards while driving.

Distracted drivers are as much of a danger to themselves as they are to other drivers. To reduce the risk of crashes, always avoid cell phone use, eating, and adjusting the radio or interior controls. Remember that passengers can also be a distraction, so ask your friends and family to refrain from distracting you when you’re behind the wheel.

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