E-Scooter Puts a Woman in the Hospital and into a coma

Author: Angel Reyes  

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We recently discussed the dangers e-scooters have been posing to riders and pedestrians across the country, but there is a new lawsuit coming out of Florida that may pave the way for safer regulations across the country.

In late December, Ashanti Jordan ended her shift at Broward General Medical Center in Fort Lauderdale, and started her 4-mile ride home on a Lime scooter. Following Lime’s instructions of staying off sidewalks, she stayed on the main road where she unfortunately collided with a Toyota Corolla. Flying more than 100 feet, Ashanti, who was not wearing a helmet at the time, suffered broken bones, fractured ribs, and a catastrophic brain injury that has left her in a vegetative state ever since.

Ashanti’s mother, Tracy Jordan announced her plan to sue Lime on behalf of her daughter for negligence. While the state of Florida doesn’t allow e-scooters to be ridden in the streets, Lime’s instruction uses language that specifically instructs riders to stay on main roads, therefore putting them in very dangerous situations. This violates its operating agreement with the city, which requires them to inform riders of the legally and safely ride the scooters. Riders are getting hit by cars, hitting pedestrians, and having accidents that shouldn’t be occurring.

This is not an isolated incident by any means. According to an investigation by Consumer Reports, there have been at least 1,545 e-scooter accidents across the country in the last year alone. With the number of injuries growing as rapidly as the e-scooters’ popularity, all while eclipsing the number of accidents caused by bikes and walking, many doctors are concerned that we are seeing a public health crisis.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ride e-scooters, but it does mean that you need to do so safely and while following the laws in place. Texas law permits any rider under the age of 18 must wear a helmet, which actually falls in line with both Lime and Bird’s requirements. Bird even offers helmets for free on their site (plus shipping and handling). Local ordinances also require scooters to stay on the streets and off sidewalks and city trails. If you see any scooters lying around in places they shouldn’t be, you can file a complaint by calling 311.

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