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Auto Accidents

A 77-year-old woman in Roy, Utah hit a pedestrian with her vehicle three times before realizing what was going on. According to the Roy Police Department search warrant, the man was riding his bike southbound on a sidewalk at 8:22 a.m. when the woman hit him. After initially hitting him, the woman drove in reverse, then went forward again – driving over Warren Watanabe. She reversed a second time before she got out, realized she hit Watanabe, and called first responders. Watanabe, 62, died at a local hospital five days later from his injuries. He suffered 14 broken ribs and severe kidney and liver damage. Police are screening the case with prosecutors for possible charges.

Senior Motorists in Texas

Keeping motorists on the roadways safe is always the ultimate goal. In Texas, the Department of Public Safety (DPS) handles licensing matters whereas the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) addresses vehicle registration, license plates, and disability parking issues. While the rules of the road always apply to all motorists on the road, Texas does impose special requirements and restrictions on drivers as they get older:

  • Drivers ages 79 to 84 must renew their licenses in person every 6 years; those 85 and older must renew in person every two years
  • Drivers age 79 and over must take a vision test, and submit to a medical evaluation process when renewing their licenses
  • Texas accepts requests from doctors, family members, and others for the DMV to conduct unsafe driver investigations.

During in-person renewals, seniors are required to pass vision test. Knowledge and Road tests may be required if the DPS personnel deem it necessary.

Possible License Restrictions or Conditions

“Restriction A” is typically the most common restriction for older drivers, or the requirement to wear glasses or corrective lenses. However, other common requirements in Texas include:

  • No freeway driving
  • Additional driver age 21+ required to sit in front passenger seat
  • Daytime only driving
  • Speed not to exceed 45 miles per hour
  • Hearing aids while driving
  • Motor vehicle equipped with outside mirrors, automatic transmissions, or power steering

A Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian accidents involve a pedestrian and any other force of movement, such as a motor car, scooter, bike, etc. Unfortunately, speeding, impaired driving, and distraction remain key factors in pedestrian knock-downs. If you or a loved one were hurt because of a negligent driver, a personal injury attorney is essential. Contact us at Angel Reyes – Reyes Browne Reilley for a 100% free consultation. Pedestrian accident claims are seldom straightforward, and when victims incur debilitating injuries and economic losses, there is no excuse for the negligence of drivers. We maximize your potential to recover every single penny you deserve. Tap to call us or submit a form here.

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