Author: Angel Reyes  

Auto Accidents

distracted-driving-due-to-texting-300x213People often think that with experience comes wisdom, however in some cases the more experience we have the more stubborn we become. When it comes to the issue of texting and driving, we often associate teens and young adults as being the worst at texting and driving, given their lack of experience and addiction to their phones. However, in a recent study it was revealed that texting and driving can be worse for more experienced drivers.

The common assumption is that drivers who have been on the road longer are going to be better prepared to manage distracted driving and maintain safer driving habits. In the study, a group of 50 drivers between ages 18-59 were all put behind the wheel and sent text messages with simply questions by the researchers. Those who claimed to be frequent texters veered into other lanes about 25% of the time, while the older group veered into other lanes 80-100% of the time while replying to or reading texts.

Experienced drivers are often able to handle multiple distractions. These can include aggressive drivers around you, talkative passengers, and even food. But the distractions presented by texting and driving are completely unique. Older drivers may believe that a text is similar to the distractions they are used to, but texting takes a lot of our focus and takes our eyes off the road for dangerous amounts of time.

The most dangerous thing about the study is the proof that we believe we become immune to mistakes as we get older, when in actuality, we need to constantly work on improving our actions. No matter how long we have been driving, we can still make mistakes. Smartphones are a recent addition to our pockets that come with a lot of dangerous implications when we use them behind the wheel. No matter how old you are, how good of a driver you are, or how good of a texter you are, do not text while driving. Sending a message on your phone isn’t worth getting into a potentially fatal car accident. The less you use your phone behind the wheel, the better chance you have to be a safe, experienced driver.

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