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All Hallows’ Eve – the night where ghosts and ghouls come out to play, and children across the nation swarm the streets scouting out which houses have the best candy potential. The scariest part of it all is that Halloween happens to be one of the deadliest days of the year for pedestrians…especially children. According to a study by Journal of the American Medical Association, pedestrian’s hurt or killed by automobiles increases by forty-three percent on Halloween. Between 2009 and 2018, pedestrian fatalities caused by automobiles rose by fifty-three percent. The combination of a huge influx in pedestrian traffic, the sun setting earlier, as well as a number of other distractions, makes it is essential for everyone to stay alert and be very careful not to turn a fun Halloween night into a tragedy.

Keep Your Kids Safe

The tips mentioned below are from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Department of Transportation.

  1. Parents should accompany children younger than 12 years of age.
  2. Children should walk – not run – from house to house.
  3. Children should stay on sidewalks instead of walking between cars of lawns.
  4. Parents should remind children to watch for cars when crossing driveways.
  5. Pedestrians should not assume they have the right away, because motorists may not see them.
  6. Go trick-or-treating before the sun sets.
  7. Consider choosing costumes that are lighter in colors, making them easier for motorists to notice.
    • Adding reflective material to the front and back makes a costume easier to spot.
  8. Avoid costumes that make it difficult for a child to see, or has the potential to impair their vision.
  9. Carry a flashlight to walk with in the dark. Glow sticks are festive and provide some help, too.

Drive Cautiously

Drivers can find Halloween especially nerve-racking since children are oftentimes unpredictable and hard to see. Roads away from intersections, in poorly lit city and suburban areas show an increasing amount of fatalities. Here are additional tips for drivers to stay alert:

  1. Drive slowly in and around neighborhoods and on residential streets.
  2. Do NOT drink and drive.
    • Forty-one percent of all people killed in car crashes on Halloween involve drunk driving.
  3. Be prepared for children who may dart out into the street.
  4. Always yield to pedestrians.
    • If you see one child, anticipate that there are more following behind.
  5. If driving around for trick-or-treating instead of walking, make sure everyone in the vehicle is buckled up appropriately.
    • Use the accurate child car seat or seat belt.
    • Make sure everyone is secure before making way to the next stop.
  6. If a child is wearing a costume that makes it difficult for the car-seat harness or vehicle seat belt to properly fit the child, have your child change into their costume after arriving to the destination.
  7. Pull over at safe locations to let children exit at the curb and away from traffic
    • Use hazard lights to alert other drivers of you car.
  8. Park in a spot where you do not have to back up.
    • If this cannot be avoided, have an adult outside make sure no children are in the way of you reversing vehicle.
  9. Do NOT use a cell phone or other mobile device while driving.
    • Pull over to safely check text messages and make calls.

Staying cautious and mindful of safety this Halloween can make the holiday a treat for us all!

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