Our attorneys are well-versed in working with motorcycle accident victims. If there’s one thing our clients wish they’d known prior to being involved in a devastating accident of this nature, it’s how imperative it is to contact an attorney as quickly as possible.

After a motorcycle accident with injuries, there is no time to waste in launching an investigation to determine who is at-fault for the accident so victims can seek damages. Motorcycle accident injuries are often far more severe than those resulting from other vehicle accidents. The primary cause for this is that motorcycles offer less protection than a car or other vehicle.

For this reason, it’s imperative to contact an attorney as quickly as possible following a collision. It’s normal to experience confusion and stress following a motorcycle accident. A seasoned auto accident lawyer Washington DC understands this because they often work with victims who are traumatized after an accident.

Medical Costs

Motorcycle accidents are likely to cause a myriad of injuries, including these common ones:

  • Brain damage
  • Road rash
  • Burns
  • Broken limbs
  • Neck injuries
  • Internal injuries

There’s no way to anticipate the injuries one might suffer in an accident, but the above are some of the most common. Each one is serious, and most of these injuries take a long time to heal. Some never heal completely, and those are referred to as catastrophic injuries. If a neck or head injury occurs and causes spinal cord injuries, the victim may be temporarily or permanently paralyzed. Our firm has worked with many clients whose lives were changed forever as a result of their injuries.

Serious or catastrophic injuries are not inexpensive. They often require numerous doctor appointments, one or more surgeries, and medications. If you sustain a major injury, you may need medical care for the rest of your life. We’ve seen clients who spend the rest of their lives in need of medical assistance at home or in a healthcare facility. This is costly, and many insurance policies only cover a percentage of extended medical care. Our legal team can help you recover the medical costs you may face over the course of your life as a result of being an accident victim.

Lost Wages

Even if your motorcycle accident injuries aren’t life-altering or long-term, you’ll likely spend some time in the hospital and more time at home recovering. Even less serious injuries often take time to heal. Many employers don’t pay for that time off from work which means your income is affected. When wages are lost, your family is put at a financial disadvantage. Seeking damages for lost wages is one way we help our clients regain their financial independence.

Insurance Companies Don’t Offer Full Compensation

When you are involved in a motorcycle accident caused by someone else, their insurance company will offer you a settlement. It’s often not enough. These settlements rarely offer you what you actually need to pay for medical bills, time off from work, or life-long care after you’re injured. Never accept their initial offer. Our attorneys work hard to assemble ample evidence that supports a more substantial settlement amount so your family doesn’t suffer financially.

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