Houston Teen Runs Over Multiple Cyclists With Diesel Truck
Author: Angel Reyes  

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Young drivers are at higher risk for traffic hazards than individuals with more experience behind the wheel of a vehicle. A 16-year-old male driving a truck ran over six cyclists in Houston, Texas.  While the intent was not to cause the cyclists any harm, the teen was engaging in hazardous driving behavior when he attempted to blow exhaust onto the cyclists. The teen remained on the scene following the incident where four of the six cyclists were taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Biker Safety Tips

Bike Safety Tips

With millions of bicyclists sharing the road with motor vehicles, safety precautions are essential to keep everyone on the road safe. Here are some tips we’ve gathered to help be proactive:

  1. Check your equipment – make certain that all parts of your bike are secure and working properly. Equipment such as reflectors, pedals and spokes are all essential when operating a bike on the road. Horns and bells, as well as mirrors and headlights are always recommended.
  2. Plan to be seen – Wear noticeable clothing. Make sure you’re grabbing the attention of other individuals on the road. Bright, neon or fluorescent colors are highly recommended, as well as reflective clothing when the sun is not up yet to help.
  3. Wear a helmet – Helmets are for EVERYONE! Here are the recommended guidelines according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s (NHTSA) for a properly fitted the helmet:
    1. Make sure the sizing pads or fit ring is snug.
    2. Position the helmet level on the individual’s head, covering the forehead and not tipped backward or forward.
    3. Adjust the side straps so they form a “V” shape under and slightly in front of the ears.
    4. Center the buckle of the chine strap under the chin. Make sure it is snug, or no more than one to two fingers can fit between the chin and strap.
  4. Follow the rules of the road – Cyclists must follow the same rules as motorists when navigating the roadways.
    1. Ride single file in the same direction as traffic.
    2. Be an alert and defensive rider.
    3. Use hand signals when turning, and accurate care at intersections.
    4. Never hitch onto cars.
    5. Look both ways before entering traffic.

Bicycle Friendly Texas

There are numerous benefits to bicycling, from being a great source of exercise to reducing one’s carbon footprints. However, even on designated paths, cyclists still face a number of hazards associated with sharing the road with motorists.

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