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Auto Accidents

distraced-driving-leading-crash-cause-300x2202.5 million people end up in the emergency room for car accident injuries each year. There are millions of accidents on roads each year in the United States. While most of these accidents result in minor car damage and minimal injury, there is still a large number of people who end up in the emergency room with serious injuries resulting from a car accident.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, emergency rooms in the United States see more than 2.5 million car accident victims each year. Of those 2.5 million, approximately 200,000 result in extended stays. Lifetime medical expenses from United States car crashes total $18 million for victims recovering. The CDC marks traffic accidents as the leading cause of injury in the United States.

Distracted Driving Among Top Causes of Wrecks

In 2015, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported more than 33,000 deaths resulting from traffic accidents. There are multiple causes of accidents in the United States. Distracted driving is becoming one of the most common causes of car accidents, primarily due to the growing popularity of people texting while driving. Other common accidents causes include speeding, reckless driving, running red lights, running stop signs and tired driving. The majority of accidents on United States roads involve teens, young adults and citizens over 80.

The number of people who end up at the hospital each year from car accidents puts strain on the resources available. Each accident results in costs that must be covered by individuals, the health care system and society. It is our goal to work towards making roads safer for all drivers and help reduce the number of accidents. Do what you can to be a safe driver and help bring down the number of car crash victims in emergency rooms.

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