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Auto Accidents

Icy-roadIcy conditions around Dallas are causing a series of road hazards leading to car accidents. Although major roadways are considered passable, many side streets are still considered dangerous. Texas is not known for frequent snowstorms, so it is important drivers of the Lone Star state follow a few simple tips practiced by their cousins from the north.

1) First, slow down – Nothing is more likely than excessive speed to cause an accident. Don’t feel like you have to maintain the maximum speed limit in icy conditions.

2) Give yourself plenty of time to stop, and turn – It can be challenging to make turns when roads are covered in ice. Start braking well before you need to come to a stop, especially when approaching an intersection.

3) Always use your directional signals – When roads are covered in ice, the last thing you want is to take drivers around you by surprise. Let them know your intentions well ahead of time.

4) See and be seen – Replace your windshield wipers when they become worn, and check that all your lights are working correctly. In any kind of wet conditions, visibility can become an issue.

5) Keep your tires properly inflated – Traction between your car and the road is increased by properly inflating your tires. Keep them at the optimum pressure recommended by the manufacturer. They should also have good treads – don’t travel on ice driving using bald tires.

Winter is almost over, but each of these ideas are also useful in the spring, especially in heavy rain. Drive safely out there!

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