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Auto Accidents

shutterstock_106818497-300x202I’m sure it comes as no surprise that motorcycle accidents are far more deadly than other types of vehicle accidents. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, motorcycles are 35 times more likely to be deadly than car accidents. Think about that for a second – 35 times more likely to cause death. That fact is simply staggering.

Common causes of motorcycle accidents are bad road and weather conditions, neglecting to use turn signals, speeding, driving while under the influence, poor visibility and other drivers not noticing “smaller” vehicles.

Motorcyclists also often lane-split, i.e. drive between two lanes. Most of us have experienced this craziness. Not only is the cyclist being reckless, he or she is literally asking for trouble. Other drivers get angry, and lane-splitting can often result in wrecks. But obviously the primary reason that fatalities are so high on motorcycles is that they simply don’t offer the protection of cars, trucks, vans, etc. Although helmets can help save lives, there is little else a cyclist can rely on for protection should an accident occur.

Laws require helmets but many cyclists ignore them, despite the fact that they are 40% more likely to die from head injuries without helmets. It is estimated that wearing a helmet is 37% more likely to prevent a crash fatality in general.

When driving a motorcycle, obey traffic laws which are put in place for your own safety. Also don’t get cocky. Just because you’re on two wheels, it doesn’t mean you own the road. Be respectful of other drivers, always wear a helmet, never lane-split, don’t pull stunts and stay keenly aware of road conditions.

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