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Auto Accidents

KSAT reported one person is dead and one other is receiving treatment at a local hospital after a fiery crash in San Antonio. Bexar County Sheriff said the vehicle collision took place a little after midnight on Loop 1604 southbound, near Medina Creek. According to deputies, the male driver and female passenger were inside the car when it swerved off the road and hit a median. The vehicle then crashed through a barrier and fell 60 feet into an embankment.


Deputies further mentioned the car went airborne, rolling over several times before catching fire. Emergency crews pronounced the female passenger dead at the scene.

Still, it is unclear if either alcohol or speed played a role in the crash. Authorities say they are still determining exactly why the crash happened.

Causes of Single-Vehicle Collisions

Did you know single-vehicle collisions account for 34.75 percent of all traffic fatalities recorded in Texas in 2020?

But, when people think of car crashes, two vehicles typically come to mind. According to Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT), there are five leading causes of single-vehicle car crashes:

  • Speeding: Speeding motorists are more likely to overturn, lose control, or drive off the road in their car. When colliding with an object like a tree or structure, excessive speed greatly increases the potential of death.
  • Drunk Driving: According to TxDOT, drunk drivers are 30 percent more likely to be involved in a single-car crash than sober drivers. Drunk drivers also tend to speed and drive more recklessly.
  • Distracted Driving: Whether you’re using a cell phone or adjusting the radio, driver distractions are a major factor in single-vehicle crashes. Distracted motorists tend to drift out of their lane and may drive off the road or into a median, barrier, or object.
  • Fatigue Driving: Driving while drowsy or fatigued can greatly increase your risk of being involved in a single-vehicle crash. Fatigued driving may cause and individual to drift out of their lane or even off the road.
  • Poor Weather Conditions: Weather and road conditions can greatly impact a driver’s safety. This is why it is so important to “drive to the conditions.” Adjust your speed based on weather hazards like wet roads, icy roads, thick fog, or high winds.

Experienced Car Accident Passenger Injury Attorneys

The unmentioned and oftentimes forgotten victims of nearly every severe car accident: the passengers. Passengers in a car accident feel the same amount of pain while suffering from the same, and sometimes worse, injuries as the drivers themselves.

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