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In an effort to combat highway congestion in Dallas, I-35 East near downtown has been expanded. The expansion includes a new onramp as well as an additional eastbound lane. This is just one part of a $72 million project to improve mobility, aid with traffic flow, and address congestion in Dallas.

Dallas is notorious for its traffic which frequently leads to devastating accidents. There is optimism that the new ramp and lane on I-35 East will improve both the quality of life and the safety of Dallas motorists.

The Texas Clear Lane Project

This renovation and expansion is only part of the Texas Clear Lane Project. The rapid growth within Texas has led to a surge in motor vehicles on the road. This congestion is problematic, as it leads to longer commutes and more accidents. The cost of this congestion has grown rapidly in recent years. According to the State’s Congestion Task Force:

  • The number of hours each commuter loses to traffic delay has tripled, climbing to 54 hours each year,
  • The yearly cost of that delay per commuter is up to $1,080,
  • The cost of gridlock nationwide has risen to $179 billion annually, and
  • More than 3.3 billion gallons of fuel are wasted each year.

To combat these rising challenges, the Texas Department of Transportation has implemented the Texas Clear Lane Project. This statewide effort has set aside $72 million for expansion projects designed to reduce congestion. The bulk of these projects are in and around Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

The plan is to drastically increase the state’s capacity for vehicle traffic over the next 10 years. The hope is that these efforts will reduce the financial cost of congestion and reduce the number of vehicle accidents.

While the effort to expand Texas’ highway system and to reduce traffic congestion is important, there is no doubt these efforts will not eliminate accidents. What’s more, this plan will take 10 years to come to fruition, at which time the state could be facing even more congestion issues due to population growth.

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