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Auto Accidents

Crash survivors, loved ones and medical care providers have all come together after Michigan’s no-fault auto insurance reform took place on July 2, 2021. Crash survivors say their access to medical care has seen drastic impact since the reform has been in place. Michiganders took to protesting outside lawmaker Mike Shirkey’s home on Monday, October 4th to demonstrate their anger and frustration with the new law. The no-fault auto insurance reform explains that any medical service not already covered under federal Medicare law will now only be reimbursed by insurance companies at 55 percent of what they were back in 2019. This includes in-home caregivers and transportation to medical services, with families claiming they are struggling to get insurance companies to cover even basic services.

Shame on Shirkey

There are currently about 18,000 Michiganders receiving medical benefits from their auto no-fault policies. It is fiscally impossible for a family to care for a member of their household twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at a 44 percent cut, paid only for 56 hours a week. Individuals are finding that they cannot go to work because they cannot get anyone to care for their loved one. With general medical services now more in jeopardy than ever before, Michigan’s medical professionals are leaving the state’s care industry.

Texas, An At-Fault State

Auto insurance laws are a state-level decision. Texas uses a tort liability system, meaning that the insurance carrier of the driver at-fault for the collision is responsible for paying out the claim. Texas has given its citizens the option to turn to the party responsible for the crash to cover any expenses arising out of the collision. The driver who is not at-fault will not have to pay a deductible or risk higher premiums.

But what if the driver found at-fault does not have sufficient enough coverage to pay for the expenses? The other motorist not at-fault may sue the at-fault driver to cover the difference. The party responsible for the damage and their insurer will be responsible for covering any costs of damage or injury. Keep in mind that if both drivers are partially at-fault, insurance will reduce the total recovery accordingly.

Motor vehicle collisions result in significant injuries more often than not. These injuries have the potential to cause additional consequences much like time away from work and monetary expenses. Insurance companies are not in the business of spending money, and this oftentimes results in individuals left to fend for themselves in the aftermath of an accident. It is important to know who you can turn to in your time of recovery.

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