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Auto Accidents

Police officers in San Antonio were responding to an accident at the scene of Potranco and Clover Creek when a man slammed into one of the cruisers with his pick-up truck. The patrol car was blocking oncoming traffic from the original accident scene less than a block away on Potranco and Fillmore at 1:00 a.m. The man told officers he was unable to stop in time before hitting the patrol car. EMS transported both the officer and the motorist to the hospital where medical staff cleared them. Neither of the individuals were seriously injured, but officers speculate the motorist may have been having a medical emergency that prevented him from stopping. It is unclear if the driver will face any charges, but the accident is still under investigation.

Getting into an car wreck is something that would ruin anyone’s day… But crashing into a police car? Yikes. Car wrecks oftentimes feel confrontational and place a significant amount of pressure on the individuals involved.

Hitting a Patrol Car

Since the crash involves a police officer, it is normal to feel intimidated. In the event that something like this happens to you, it is important to remind yourself that health and safety are still the first and main priority. After getting to a safe place, call 911. A police officer cannot legally conduct an investigation on any incident or collision personally involved in. From here – just like any other collision – you’ll want to document the wreck, collect information, seek medical care, inform your insurance company, and call a car crash attorney. Government vehicles are insured by the government, making the claim-filing process that much more perplexing.

An On-Duty Patrol Officer Hits You

So, what happens if the opposite takes place and a cop hits you? Well, filing a claim against the government is tricky. Involving the government in absolutely anything typically causes circumstances to be that much more torturous and convoluted.

Hiring an expert attorney will protect you through this burdensome process so you do not have to shoulder the entire cost of repairing your vehicle, as well as any additional health care costs. Citizens should be able to rely on law enforcement to not only protect and serve, but also stay alert and defensive enough on the road to not be the ones causing car collisions. A police officer should never be the reason an individual is injured in a car wreck.

Reyes Browne Reilley recognizes the fact that while most police officers serve honestly, not all do. Protect yourself by hiring a lawyer who understands the ins-and-outs of these sticky situations.

Why Should I Hire Reyes Browne Reilley?

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