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Auto Accidents

This past Sunday in Arlington, Texas, police officers responded to a two-vehicle collision at the intersection of Collins Street and Interstate 30 frontage road. Dispatched officers arrived on the scene shortly after 2:30 a.m., and explained the motorist of a Honda HRV was driving west along the service road when a Hyundai Sonata ran the red light, striking the HRV. The driver of the HRV was providing rideshare service to the two passengers when the Sonata hit them. First responders transported all four individuals to the hospital where one of the passengers of the HRV is currently suffering serious injuries, and the other passenger, a 37-year-old male, has passed away. The driver of the HRV suffered minor injuries. According to investigators, the driver of the Hyundai Sonata, 50-year-old Bernida Collins, was driving under the influence of alcohol when she collided with the Honda HRV.

Texas and Blood Alcohol Content Level (BAC)

Collins is currently facing charges for intoxicated manslaughter and intoxicated assault with a vehicle causing serious bodily injury.

On the basis of legal limits, it does not take much alcohol to get any one individual drunk. What’s more, the Texas legal alcohol limit for driving says certain circumstances imply it may be OK to drive after consuming alcohol. While Reyes Browne Reilley Law Firm does not recommend it, Texas legally says drivers may be able to operate a motor vehicle so long as their blood alcohol level (BAC) is under .08 percent. However, this does not apply to motorists operating commercial vehicles, or under the age of 21. If you are over 21, there are a few legal alcohol limits for driving:

  • For ordinary, non-commercial drivers, the legal alcohol limit is .08 percent.
  • For commercial drivers holding a CDL, the legal alcohol limit for driving is .04 percent — regardless of whether you’re operating your commercial or personal vehicle.

In the event someone has a BAC of .15 percent or above, the punishment category goes from a Class B misdemeanor to a Class A misdemeanor.

Figuring the Math Behind It

Contrary to popular belief, the .08 percent BAC does not mean that your BAC limit is 8 percent, or even .08 mathematically. It actually means .0008 percent in numerical terms. To calculate this, BAC is divided by the number of milliliters of alcohol per 100 milliliters of blood. In actuality, if an individual’s BAC were to reach 8 percent, it would a miracle they’re alive.

So, how does a responsible individual figure out whether or not they have reached their legal, .08 percent? Well, most people reach a .08 percent BAC level if they consume between two to three drinks per hour. It is more than likely that an individual cannot safely operate a vehicle at two drinks per hour. To simplify – an adult who weighs over 100 pounds can drink approximately one alcoholic beverage per hour, and still be legally within their limit.

Be Responsible About Drinking, Inc. has provided a BAC Chart for both men and women who are contemplating whether or not it is safe to get behind the wheel of a car. This chart takes into consideration a person’s size, gender and physical stature; what they have eaten, as well as how much sleep they are running on; what medications they are on, and the alcohol content of their drink preference.

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