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Auto Accidents

030614-bicyclistA cyclist is dead after colliding with a vehicle in Arlington. The accident occurred on Interstate 20, near Bowman Road. Several westbound lanes of I-20 were shut down for three hours after the car accident. Police are currently investigating the cause of the crash.

Bicycles are the most vulnerable of all vehicles on the road. Here are a few tips to share the road safely.

Expect the unexpected – Bicyclists can dart in and out of paths, and often enter roads from lawns and bike trails. Always keep an eye out for bikes.

Don’t crowd bikes – You will often have bicyclists traveling alongside your vehicle. If there is only room for either your car or the bicycle in your lane, slow down, allowing the cyclist to have the lane until there is more room.

Look for bicycles during turns – Many drivers only look for oncoming cars when turning. Look in all directions before making turns, looking for bicyclists, especially those approaching from behind.

Always yield to bicyclists – Giving a bicyclist the right of way on roads is always a good idea. For safety, treat cyclists as you would pedestrians.

If bikes are around, slow down – In any area where bikes might be present, keep your speed down. The chance of death or severe injury is greatly reduced in accidents which occur at slower speeds.

Bicyclists and drivers need to share the roads. By following these simple tips, you can make travel safer for everyone!

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