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Auto Accidents

Early Tuesday morning around 12:30 a.m. in Dallas, first responders rescued a driver from a semitrailer that drove off the overpass connecting West Woodall Rodgers Freeway and northbound Interstate 35 East. The semitrailer fell about thirty to forty feet, landed onto a rail line, and erupted into flames. It took first responders more than an hour to free the driver from the truck and take him to the hospital. The driver remains in critical condition.

Who is at-fault?

Semi-truck drivers have an overbearing responsibility to the public when it comes to being safe on roadways. It is impossible not to understand the tragic consequences that may occur after a semi-truck wreck. Serious injuries are often life-altering and even life-threatening following a semi-truck collision.

In a Texas truck wreck case, lawyers use evidence that demonstrates the truck driver, or the company that employs them, did not follow traffic laws or safety-related industry regulations. Furthermore, this breach of duty is responsible for the wreck.

But what happens in situations like this – where there is only one victim in a single-vehicle crash?

Potential defendants in a truck crash include:

  • The truck driver.
  • The company that owns the truck, or employs the driver.
  • The manufacturer of the truck or components if a defective part is responsible for the wreck.
  • The company responsible for the truck’s maintenance.
  • The company or individual who loaded the truck.
  • The motorists of passenger cars, or other vehicles involved in the crash.
  • Local government employees or contractors who were responsible for hazardous road conditions.

The statute of limitations on truck wreck claims

The statute of limitations for personal injury lawsuits in Texas is two years. In some cases where a claim is filed against a government agency or employee, the time to file could be significantly shorter; however, in circumstances where the injured party is a minor, the filing deadline could be extended.

Under Texas law, the statute of limitations that applies to truck accident claims is the same that is in effect for any personal injury case. The statute of limitations begins to expire the day the wreck happens. Filing a case after the two-year window will most likely result in a judge dismissing the case. What’s more, the time limit may be even shorter if the suit is against a municipality, government agency, or employee. In these cases, there is only six months to pursue the claim.

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