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Auto Accidents

Interstate 35 East received a lot of action on Saturday from motorists traveling during the busy holiday weekend. Two unrelated wrecks occurred on I-35E that has left two people dead and six other injured, including two minors and a Dallas County sheriff’s deputy. Authorities responded to the first crash on I-35 E near Interstate 30 involving three-vehicles. The second, separate crash took place when two sheriff’s deputies were driving on I-35E toward Parkland Hospital stopped to help a stalled vehicle on the highway. No charges have been filed in either crash.

Three-Vehicle Crash

At around 8:50 p.m. authorities responded to a three-vehicle crash on northbound 1-35E near Interstate 30. A vehicle had broken down on the shoulder, where a second vehicle had pulled over to help, when a third vehicle veered onto the shoulder and rear-ended one of the stopped cars. The third vehicle, a sports car, killed the driver of the first stopped car. Authorities say the driver of the sports car and a passenger were taken to Parkland Memorial Hospital, both of which were minors. An additional passenger from the first car that stopped was also taken to the hospital.

Stalled-Vehicle Crash

Two sheriff’s deputies were driving on I-35E toward Parkland Hospital stopped to help a car after they noticed it stalled on the highway. While one of the deputies pushed he stalled vehicle with his squad car, the other deputy was blocking traffic in his car. Moments later, a sedan that had lost control struck the back of the squad car that was blocking traffic.

First responders pronounced the driver of the sedan, a 17-year-old boy, dead on the scene. According to the Sheriff’s Department, two men were also ejected from the sedan and taken to Parkland Hospital in critical condition. The deputy who had been in the squad car that was hit by the sedan was taken to a hospital with neck and leg injuries.

Interstate 35’s Car Wreck Attorney

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