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While speeding remains the number one cause of traffic fatalities in Texas, it comes with no surprise that distracted driving is creeping closer to the top. What is more surprising, is that traffic fatalities are happening at higher rates in not only big cities but all over Texas, including rural towns.

Thousands of individuals were killed last year while driving in Texas. Almost half of those deaths occurred because someone was driving while paying attention to something other than the road in front of them.  The number of deaths is an increase from the previous year as well. The statistics also show these types of traffic deaths are not just occurring in metropolitan areas, but rural areas as well at a relatively similar rate.

Is There Anything We Can Do?

The answer is:  absolutely.  Distracted driving is always preventable. When being in rural areas, traffic deaths are still just as likely when maneuvering in the same area as large trucks and commercial vehicles. When it comes to driving your car around heavier machines, car accidents without life-altering injuries become fewer and further in between.

Rural areas are known for cars being outnumbered by heavy machinery and larger commercial vehicles. This is quite different in the case of some metropolitan areas. In rural areas, it is hard to avoid these types of accidents, especially if you’re distracting yourself while you are driving. A regular accident can become a catastrophic accident far easier if it involves a heavy commercial vehicle instead of just two simple sedans getting into a fender bender. Paying attention to the road versus your own cell phone or the radio can mean the difference between life and death more often than anyone would like to admit.

Taking distracted driving more seriously is something that needs to occur more often not only on metropolitan roads but on all roads. The concept of an easy life driving on the open highway is something that can allow individuals to let their guard down. Those operating heavy machinery or vehicles are capable of crushing a small sedan without even noticing.

All individuals driving in and around the rural communities in Texas need to be aware of these statistics. Far too many lives are lost as a result of distracted driving – a trend that needs to be reversed.

Distracted Driver Caused Injuries or Death?

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