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Auto Accidents

shutterstock_542928041-300x200We all know the dangers of texting and driving. With so many public service campaigns warning us, how could we not? But knowing and acting are two different things.

You’re behind the wheel of your car, paying close attention to the road. Then you suddenly hear the tune of your choice for your text message alert. Hey, it could be your boss, your spouse, your child – someone and something important. What do you do? Chances are, you do what most people do – read the text. And if the message is important enough, what’s the next thing you do? You respond, of course. Texting has become so popular in our culture, it often replaces phone conversation, even for those of us middle-aged and over.

But the facts remain. Driver distraction is a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents each year, with texting taking the lead for that statistic. To date, fourteen states plus the District of Columbia have banned texting while driving. Numerous U.S. Senators are currently attempting to pass a bill to ban texting nationwide. In spite of these measures, drivers still text away, causing wrecks, injuries and countless deaths.

The following are some hard, cold facts to remember before you view that next text or respond to it:

  • At a very minimum, you’re distracted for five seconds from the road while texting. At 55 mph, that equals driving the entire length of a football field while your attention is distracted from the road.
  • Traffic accidents are 23 times more likely to happen while texting.
  • It only takes 2-3 seconds to cause an accident while texting.
  • Car and Driver Magazine conducted a study that revealed a driver not distracted can respond and start braking within 1/2 second. A drunk driver needs 4 more feet to start braking. A person reading an email or text needs 36 more feet and a person texting needs 70 more feet.

Texting and driving is dangerous, folks. Not only is it irresponsible behavior, it’s a serious offense that can cause everything from minor accidents to the loss of life. You already know the risks. Now avoid them at all costs.

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