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Auto Accidents

texting-and-driving-addiction-300x200Texting while driving has become one of the most common causes of road accidents, many often resulting in death or injury. More American cities and states are enacting bans to stop texting while driving in order to make the roads safer for all. Even though law enforcement officers are working to enforce against texting while driving, it’s not always easy to stop people from grabbing their phones when behind the wheel.

In the state of Florida, a texting while driving ban has been in place for nearly one year as a secondary violation, meaning officers have to pull someone over for another offense before citing them for texting. This makes it difficult for officers to reduce the amount of drivers who text.

Because Florida faced similar issues when seatbelt laws were enacted, officials are now working to make texting while driving a primary offense. Since Florida made seatbelt non-compliance a primary offense, compliance is up 89%, indicating that similar efforts for texting and driving may pay off – as long as there are enough police officers to enforce the law.

Can Apple Computer Eliminate Texting While Driving?

Another jump towards making the roads safer is a new lockout code supposedly being developed for Apple iPhones. The proposed technology would put an automated system in place that will disable smartphone functions that distract iPhone users while driving. The technology senses when a user is driving using on board sensors and/or by getting information from the car if it is connected.

Texting while driving increases the likelihood of a crash by 83%, making the efforts to stop distracted driving more important than ever. Lawmakers across the country are doing their part to stop drivers from using their phones behind the wheel and make roads safer for everyone. When it comes to safety on the roads, it’s really up to the drivers to their part and put their phones down when they are driving. Your life may depend on it.

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