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Throughout the entire year, there is one stretch of 3 months where just getting on the road has a much higher potential for an accident. The reason for this is because these 3 months have the highest amount of average miles driven.

These three months span from September to November. While we’re midway through October, we’re right in the thick of the dangerous time of the year to be on the road due to car accidents. These months are not only dangerous for the high amount of travel occurring but also because there are higher rates of traffic fatalities. September has the most fatal crashes per 100 million vehicle miles driven. This is followed closely by October and November which are tied at 1.12 traffic fatalities per 100 million miles driven according to QuoteWizard®.

Most people believe the worst months for fatal accidents would be in the winter or during all holiday months. That however is not true. December and January come in at 6 and 9 respectively. What is it that makes these months so dangerous? Could it have something to do with going back to school? Perhaps, it has something to do with the weather being colder. It’s still quite certainly a mystery even after the NHTSA released their findings from their study of fatal car accidents spanning 2007 to 2017. Their findings have a few conclusions on the front in relation to alcohol consumption.

November has the highest rate of deadly car accidents occurring with alcohol consumption being the primary cause of the wreck. This undoubtedly is because Thanksgiving falls in late November which seems to invite individuals to illegally drink and drive. Considering one of the deadliest nights of the year due to drunk driving happens to be the day before Thanksgiving, there is likely a correlation with this finding.

Could This Year Be Different?

With COVID-19 still having quite a large impact on the world, we live in, far fewer people are going out and about. This means perhaps with fewer miles people travel the less likely we will see traffic fatalities in an abundance. Also, with bars shutting down and not being able to have as much occupancy as they have in the past, our streets may be a bit safer with fewer people drinking and driving after a night out.

Hopefully, we see a trend of fewer injuries due to car and truck accidents and even fewer fatalities due to roadway wrecks. These times can be extremely dangerous not only for drivers but just for being outside of our homes. Driving has seemingly been the most dangerous ordeal around this time of year in the past. However, COVID-19 is certainly giving traffic fatalities a run for their money.

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