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18-Wheeler Accidents in Texas

reyes-blog-040113-300x200Driving next to 18-wheelers can be both scary and dangerous. The large and powerful force of a semi-truck roaring down the road is intimidating to drivers of smaller vehicles, trucks, and motorcycles. 18-wheelers are involved in some of the biggest and deadliest accidents across America. Although 18-wheeler truck drivers are licensed professionals, trucking accidents still occur quite frequently.

Every year in the US there are approximately 400,000 trucking accidents, which comprise about 8% of all motor accidents – 4,500 of which are fatal. Although that may seem like a small number, when you consider that there are far fewer 18-wheelers than any other vehicles on the road, this figure is astounding.

I-35 in Texas is ranked as #5 in top deadliest highways across America. With all the 18-wheelers zooming across the state, there’s good reason for concern. In Texas alone, there were over 16,401 crashes involving semi-trucks in a 2011 report, 299 of which resulted in death.

The common cause for 18-wheeler accidents is driver fatigue. Although there are laws limiting how much time can be spent driving on the road, many drivers exceed that limit. When traveling those long stretches of lonely Texas roads, driving can be especially tiring. Other causes of 18-wheeler accidents include tire blowouts, faulty equipment, and sideswiping other vehicles when changing lanes because of blind spots.

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3 responses to “18-Wheeler Accidents in Texas”

  1. Bud jenkins says:

    An accident can occur for any reason and you don’t even know when it happens. I agreed lot is due to fatigue as they drive extra. As it can happen to anyone, the first step is a need of <a href=”” title=”18 wheeler attorney
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  2. geraldvonberger says:

    I can only imagine what kinds of legal issues truck accidents would cause. I just got involved with a trucking company and we’re starting to hire drivers and sign contracts with other businesses. There are obviously some legal issues with the trucking industry that need to be addressed, especially when it comes to accidents. It’s good to hear that there are attorneys that specialize in this sort of thing and that can give some helpful consulting services.

  3. tedsmith575 says:

    It is true that driving next to 18-wheelers is scary and dangerous. My friend was driving next to an 18-wheeler and got in a car accident. Luckily he wasn’t hurt badly. It could have been a lot worse. He was able to get an attorney so that he would be compensated for his injuries.

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