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Lewisville Accident Serves As Tragic Motorcycle Helmet Reminder

lewisville-motorcycle-accident-300x200This past Saturday evening, a motorcyclist and a passenger were killed in a crash in Lewisville. The driver, Bradley Duane Kindheart was 44 years old at the time of the accident, and the passenger Angeline Davis Watson was 39. Witnesses told police that the bike was speeding and recklessly weaving through traffic. Around 8:53 pm, Kindheart lost control of the vehicle and crashed into a guardrail north of the Corporate Drive intersection of Interstate 35E.

Neither Kindheart nor Watson was wearing a helmet at the time of the motorcycle wreck. They both died at the scene.

While driving all sorts of vehicles can be dangerous, riding motorcycles presents a heightened risk to the well-being of the drivers and passengers. According to a study by the Australian Transport Safety Bureau, motorcycle driver deaths are 30 times more likely than deaths of people driving other types of vehicles. Motorcycle riding will always be dangerous, but wearing Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) can reduce risks of death and injury. PPE includes items such as helmets, gloves, riding boots and clothing made out of durable materials. These items have been found to help riders improve visibility, resist abrasions, and protect themselves in cases of impact.

Many first-world countries now require motorcycle riders to wear articles of PPE in order to reduce risks.

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