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back-to-school-safety-300x161It’s that time of year again: back-to-school season! And that means early morning traffic has increased for those headed off to work each day.

Knowing this, and the risk increase posed to children can give parents an extra dose of anxiety. Thankfully, there are ways parents can protect their children from bus accidents, car accidents, bicycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents during the school months.

Back-to-School Bus Safety

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For most counties in Texas, students went back to school in August. Teachers, parents, and kids of all ages likely geared up for the summer to fall transition for weeks.

Returning to school not only means getting back in the classroom, but also the return to playgrounds, gymnasiums, forms of travel, and sports. While recess and extracurricular activities are often referred to as the “fun” part of school for many, they are also the setting for the potential of numerous accidents and injuries.

According to research conducted by the National SAFE KIDS Campaign (NSKC), an estimated 2.2 million children ages 14 and younger sustain school related injuries each year.

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