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car-safety-gear-cuts-deaths-in-dallas-300x200Driving regulations, such as no texting and driving, are good measures to ensure drivers are safer on the road, but are not the only actions in place to keep roads safer. A new study shows that safety gear and equipment being installed in new model cars has proven to decrease the amount of deaths resulting from auto accidents.

According to the Wall Street Journal, federal data released by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in December 2017 shows that safety features being built into cars in recent years have allowed for a drop in auto fatalities. In the study, it shows that in the past decade the number of fatalities from accidents has dropped by nearly two-thirds with each new model car released. In 2016, the number of fatalities dropped by 3.1% over the previous year, while the number of those injured fell 2.1%.

Traction And Stability Systems Lead To Safer Vehicles

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no-texting-signTexting and driving is now against the law in Farmer branch, Texas. The City Council there passed a resolution forbidding the practice in the city outside Dallas.

The town, with a population of 28,600 people, becomes the third municipality in northern Texas to pass such a law.

Drivers in Farmers Branch are now forbidden from using handheld electronic devices to send, receive or write email or text messages while behind the wheel. Social media and posting of pictures and notes is also off-limits under the new ordinance.

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