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Due to the size of buses, the number of passengers they typically carry, and the reality that many passengers do not wear seatbelts, bus accidents often cause devastating consequences for the victims. Determining who is liable will depend on the specific facts surrounding that accident.

Typical Causes of Bus Accidents

Here are some common causes of bus crashes accompanied by a discussion of who may be liable in each case:

  • The bus driver does not follow the rules of the road, whether they run a red light, speed, fail to yield on a left turn, is texting while driving, or under the influence of drugs or alcohol. In these hypothetical situations, the bus driver would be liable for the accident. Their employer may also be liable as long as the driver was on the job at the time of the accident and was performing duties they were hired to do.
  • Due to a lack of training, the bus driver causes a major accident when they attempt an unsafe lane change. If this happens, both the driver and the employer would be liable, as the company is required to properly vet and train each driver before they get behind the wheel.
  • The bus follows all traffic laws as it travels through an intersection, and a passenger vehicle suddenly blows through a red light and T-bones the bus. In this case, it is likely the driver of the car would be liable.
  • A bus is unable to stop in time when traffic comes to a halt and rear-ends the vehicle in front of it. Suppose it is determined that the brakes failed and an experienced attorney discovers that the bus was long overdue for routine maintenance. In this example, the bus company would be liable.
  • The bus follows all traffic laws on the highway when the engine suddenly fails, or a tire blows out, causing a serious crash. If it is determined that the bus was improperly maintained, then the bus company may be liable. However, if the engine failure or tire blowout were caused by manufacturing defects, the manufacturer would be liable.

A Higher Standard of Care

Everyone who drives a motor vehicle on public roadways has a duty of care to behave reasonably and follow all traffic laws. However, buses are “common carriers,” as they transport large numbers of people. Because of this, drivers are held to an even higher standard of care than drivers of regular passenger vehicles.

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