What if I was Hit by a distracted driver who hit me at a red light?

The first step in any car accident, especially accidents that involve an individual running a red light is to call 911 and assess the situation for injuries. If you or anyone in your vehicle is in pain, you need to seek medical attention right away. After you have assessed the situation, try to find witnesses who can attest to the fact the other party ran the red light and hit you.

Witnesses in these types of distracted driving, hit and run, or red light related car accidents are key to ensuring you are not put at fault for the accident. Finally, cooperate with the police and tell them exactly what happened. The police report should reflect that the other party ran a red light and struck your vehicle as you were unable to avoid an impact.

You Need a 5-Star Car Accident Lawyer in Your Corner

One last step most people do not think to take after they were involved in a car wreck where someone else blew through a red light; is to call an expert. The best expert you can have in your corner is the 5-Star Dallas car accident lawyer Angel Reyes of the law firm of Reyes Browne Reilley. After being struck by a car violating the traffic codes, you need to have the best representation possible, even though it may seem that you were clearly not the individual at fault.

Traffic signals such as stop signs and stop lights were created to enable an orderly flow of traffic through our cities. They were also designed to keep people safe when all individuals properly obey their signals. However, some drivers decide to not pay attention, disregard or blatantly choose to ignore these signals. When that happens, chaos ensues, and this will only bring suffering.

Get the Compensation You Deserve from Distracted Driving Accidents

Whether they were impatient, in a hurry, or just simply being reckless and inattentive, you deserve to have your life return to normal even after they made the negligent decision to run the red light. The accident was certainly not your fault when they violated a traffic light, so you should not have to be responsible for the damages caused by their poor decision making.

Insurance companies will force you to settle for much less than what your damages cost. Even if their client was clearly running a red light when they hit you, they will convince you to settle for less than what you actually deserve and we will not let that happen when you are our client. We know exactly what your case is worth and we’re willing to offer our services for free if we don’t win your case for you. Call us now at no cost to you to learn more about your case at (214) 526-7900.