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More often than not, you have seen these types of incidents in the movies. From the portrayals of the fast and the furious to the need for speed, people have this notion to believe street racing exists in the underground places of the world. This is not the case. Street racing happens religiously in Texas, including right here in Dallas. These incidents are not fantasy or your typical summer blockbuster. These incidences are real, and they have the potential to have very deadly consequences for people outside of the race.

Driving safely is the overarching rule of the road. All drivers must abide by the laws of the road in order for everyone to get along safely and harmoniously. Driving recklessly and at high speed only creates a greater risk for error and an even greater risk for injuries or even worse; death. Our team at Reyes Browne Reilley has seen these tragedies numerous amounts of times and while we mourn with the loved ones left behind, we also help them recover what they deserve.

Whether someone was walking or riding in their own vehicle when an individual partaking in a street race struck them, they’re going to be left with problematic injuries. These injuries should only be paid for by the negligent individual who was partaking in illegal street racing and caused their pain. Racing was meant to be done in vehicles that are properly equipped with racing fabrications and modifications and most importantly should only occur on designated race tracks, not city streets and highways.

The emulation of professional drag racing is a negligent act in Texas law. Should you suffer from injuries due to an illegal drag racing accident, you need to call a skilled Dallas car accident lawyer. Our attorneys at Reyes Browne Reilley will help you recover what you deserve for your injuries you are currently suffering from. Insurance companies are quick to act, but calling us will ensure we jump into action on your behalf and get a head start on the insurance company.

These street races happen everywhere. Insurance companies will go as far as they can to ensure you are able to claim little to no recovery whatsoever from their client’s policy. Your best guarantee of getting the maximum amount you deserve is with an experienced Dallas drag racing accident lawyer. Drag racing crashes are incredibly dangerous. Insurance companies don’t care, but we do.

Our Reyes Browne Reilley law office has over 30 years of practicing personal injury lawyers specializing in all types of car accidents. You deserve to have your voice heard in your day in court or reach the settlement of your dreams. Our team can help you get there. We want to ensure you are comfortable with our work from start to finish. To ensure you are comfortable, we do not take any up-front fees from you. In fact, you have nothing to worry about as we do not charge any fees whatsoever unless we win your case. Our sincerity and dedication to the clients who hire us are without question. You will always come first, no matter what.

Getting the treatment you need for your injuries following a high-speed car accident is incredibly important. Many people don’t realize just how hurt they are following an accident as the shock they’re in following drag racing crashes is much higher than just a normal fender bender. The insurance company for the guilty party owes you a debt to ensure you are back on your feet and can fully recover following the poor decisions their client made.

Oftentimes individuals who are caught drag racing have a history of partaking in the activity. High-performance muscle cars of today are loaded with bells and whistles to ensure they are the fastest off the line. These features allow normal civilians, with no training, to reach speeds up to 200 miles per hour. Without proper training or designated space to go this fast allows for an extremely elevated risk to anyone who interferes or gets too close. Spectators of drag races will often block off traffic but may not do the best job at it which allows normal traffic to flow into a dangerous situation.

Just because you had the misfortune of coming in contact with this dangerous area does not mean you need to suffer. Call our legal team now to get a 100% free consultation for your street racing injury claim at (214) 526-7900.