When Should I Hire an Attorney After My Car Accident? - Reyes Browne Reilley

Your car accident can make life extremely difficult. From the difficult questions, treatment of injuries, and even repairing or replacing your car. Car accidents certainly do not make your life any easier.

In order to try to return your life to normal, you’ll need to hire a lawyer right away. Considering a car accident is a rather everyday occurrence throughout our city, state, and country, there is still no streamlined way to go about handling what happens after the accident, especially if you have suffered injuries and need to seek medical attention. The best option you have is to hire an experienced car accident personal injury lawyer.

Immediately hiring a local car accident lawyer will ensure that your case is in the proper hands from day one. Making mistakes early in your case can prove to be detrimental to your ultimate outcome. Costly mistakes happen all too often when it comes to procrastinating in hiring an attorney.

Even if you believe the accident has been 100% the other party’s fault, the other party may still attempt to pin you with the blame for the accident. Being a victim of a car accident is bad, but being a victim of an insurance company’s games is worse. The problem can even exist with an inaccurate police report that may be amended. You will need a good attorney and investigating team on your side.

After your car accident, the insurance company is mounting a defense immediately. When that happens, it’s better off to have your own team of attorneys ready. Getting the ball rolling immediately with your own case gives you a head start to level the playing field and attempt to achieve a successful outcome.

Have You Been in a Car Wreck? Are You Injured?

Having a team of professionals in your corner is beneficial. However, having the best legal professionals in the business is the right decision to make in order to retrieve your maximum compensation. Without having to worry about paying up-front costs to hire our attorneys you can rest and recover with ease knowing our attorneys are on the case.

With over 30 years of experience handling cases from initial intake to closing settlements, our consultations have always been free. In our contingency fee arrangements, we only recover money for our services when you obtain a monetary recovery.  Reach out to us at (214) 935-2581 to get started today with our complimentary and confidential case evaluation.