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Located just off two major roadways in the DFW metroplex you will find locked in by these stretches of concrete lined with cars and trucks is the city of Carrollton. Just north of Dallas in the major hotbed of bustling traffic Carrollton sits quiet and prominent. Many families call this city their home and they do it proudly. From the beautiful parks and school districts, they have within their city, there is plenty to be excited about.

Some things that are not overly exciting are the incidents that happen on the roadways in Carrollton daily. Massive trucks with drivers who are unaware of their surroundings, (when they truly should be,) run into unsuspecting victims in Carrollton. These accidents can cause severe damage to both your vehicle as well as your body and costs thousands if not millions to get back to normal or even deal with your life after this traumatic experience.

Commercial vehicle accidents are so complex that you absolutely must have a 5-star Dallas truck accident attorney on your side. There are none better than the folks at Reyes Browne Reilley, or Angel Reyes and Associates. Our attorneys here proudly serve not only Carrollton citizens but individuals from all over the great state of Texas. The goal of our firm is to help absolutely anyone and everyone with their truck wreck legal matters and make it as seamless and easy as possible for them.

Numerous amounts of previous clients can be quoted as saying that “Reyes Browne Reilley handled everything for me.” Check out our reviews and testimonials if you want to see so for yourself. We are your one-stop personal injury law firm that genuinely cares about your life during and after the process of legal negotiation and potential litigation. Also, we have been doing this for almost 30 years.

With a 98% success rate, we pride ourselves on putting our money where our mouth is. You can trust that we will get the job done because if we do not, you don’t pay us! We will not accept any form of payment unless we win your case. Even then, the only form of payment we collect is from the insurance company we helped you negotiate or litigate with. Instead of paying for our services out of your pocket, we ensure that your case concludes at a high enough dollar amount that it covers our expenses at no added cost to your own bank account.

Once you hire our firm to represent you in your severe truck wreck injury case, we go to work FOR you immediately. Our staff will help you schedule appointments to see doctors and other medical professionals to make sure you are in the best hands for your physical recovery while we work on your financial recovery.

Your life has been altered severely. We want to help you make it right. It is understandable that you cannot ever get your old life back with how some truck wrecks turn out, but we will ensure that you are compensated properly to make life a little easier for you. However, we can only start if you give us a call us now! You can reach us by dialing (214) 526-7900 to start your 100% confidential consultation at absolutely no cost to you!