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North Texas is known for being one of the most beautiful and flourishing areas in the country. This area is also notable for the rich diversity among colleges and higher educational learning. Commerce Texas is no exception. Being home to Texas A&M at Commerce, this city flourishes with diversity, youth, and a dynamic grace that only a small college town can bring.

Something that commonly occurs in college towns is negligent or careless incidents. These incidents will oftentimes lead to innocent individuals becoming injured and stuck with the medical bills that ensure. Many people might just blow it off and chalk it up to it being an accident, but an accident doesn’t pay for its own medical bills. That is why you need an experienced attorney on your side.

In order to get the best attorney that you possibly can, you need to hire the client-focused legal professionals serving the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex. Those legal professionals operate with the law offices of Angel Reyes and partners. Our attorneys know just how to handle insurance companies with a tenacity to ensure that you and your family’s medical bills are taken care of.

Hiring an attorney is incredibly important in any personal injury case. The insurance company will try to play games with you while you spend your time researching how to handle them. Behind the games, they’ll be working to prove you were liable for your own injuries thus protecting their profits, and leaving you empty-handed paying for medical bills that you shouldn’t be.

Our attorneys have been working for nearly three decades preventing situations like this from happening. We don’t allow you to get taken advantage of by the insurance company. First, we gather and solidify evidence on your behalf to prove that you were not liable for any injuries.

This shuts the door on the insurance trying to get away with not paying any medical bills on your behalf. Second, we make sure that your demands are taken seriously. We have a prominent reputation when dealing with insurance companies. They know we mean business.

Finally, we push aside the games they play, and we go to work to help another person get back to their normal lives without skipping a beat. You deserve someone that’s going to fight for you as if you were part of their family.

Our Reyes Browne Reilley family has helped thousands of people recover hundreds of millions of dollars in financial recovery after their personal injuries. Previous clients and their families have been given their lives back and they barely had to lift a finger. We like to operate that way.

You too can have your life back. By giving us a call, be given a 100% free and confidential case evaluation by one of our highly trained legal staff. You then will not have to pay any up-front lawyer’s fees to put us to work.

We work for you. You only pay us after the job is done, and only if we win. You have one chance at getting your maximum recovery, with us, you’ll have the best chances. Call now (214) 526-7900 or submit your case information through our confidential web submission formats here.