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You will see it in just about every major city which allows them. Buzzing around the downtown areas, hundreds of scooters are located in Dallas alone. They’re fun to ride, cheaper than a cab, and far quicker to get to a different downtown destination. However, they’re becoming more and more prone to injuries and even death among riders all across the country.

It’s as easy as pulling your phone out of your pocket and taking a picture. Renting these quick scooters is a cinch. Scan the QR code, then, jump on the scooter and begin tearing down the sidewalks at high speeds weaving in and out of other pedestrians. However, this can lead to some very dangerous results. The rider has full control of the scooter and it has been shown in recent statistics riders are becoming less and less safe using these app-enabled rental scooters.

Emergency rooms have reported they treated 40K broken bones, head injuries, bumps, and bruises following scooter accidents. Per 100,000 rides, the rate of injury jumped from six incidents to nineteen. Having tripled in frequency, the incidents appear to continue to get much worse. The injuries seem to be occurring to young adults from 18-34.

However, most people that are going through the injuries are not doing anything about it in order to pay for their medical bills. With the lack of safety incorporated on these E-scooters, there is a high likelihood of injuries occurring to even the most experienced riders. Considering the laws have still not caught up to the E-scooter craze, it’s hard to deal with liability in a potential injury lawsuit. Also, in order to operate the scooters, you have to agree to a liability clause and mandatory arbitration.

Lawsuits for Injuries

With the lack of safety features electric scooters have, it’s no wonder people continue to suffer from injuries while riding them. However, Bird and Lime-S seem to be disregarding adding new features to keep riders safe. Slowing scooters down is one idea. However, that does defeat the purpose of trying to get around quickly and efficiently in a busy downtown area.

Scooters would ultimately become more dangerous with a seat belt. A quality idea for a scooter sharing company to implement would be rider safety training. Even a short interactive video to teach someone how to use the scooter safely could potentially lighten the number of injuries we see every year.

The most important thing is to teach riders to be safe when maneuvering around other vehicles. Crossing streets at the safest time and when to stay on the street and when to stay on the sidewalks would help as well. Statistics of first-time rider injuries versus long-time rider injuries could prove to be beneficial in establishing a safety plan. Future riders deserve to have a company that properly looks out for them. Bird and Lime have yet to make strides towards safer riding.

Did Someone’s Negligence Injure You?

Whether it be a car accident, a nasty fall, or another incident, personal injuries happen more often than you would think. The person who acted negligently should be liable for paying your medical bills. Careless actions should come with rightful consequences. Heal from your injuries while our attorneys fight for your rightful compensation.

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