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bigstock-Halloween-pumpkin-head-jack-la-208070650-300x203Halloween is an amazing and fun time of year. Decorations go up, haunted houses advertise spooky thrills, and thousands of trick-or-treaters around the Dallas Metroplex go out in search of a sugar coma.

However, with all the extra activities and people visiting your property, safety hazards can result in serious injuries. If you, as the homeowner, are aware of a hazard on your property that might not be obvious to everyone else and they get hurt, you could be liable. It is important to take necessary precautions when preparing for Halloween to help everyone stay safe and enjoy an accident-free holiday.

How can you increase everyone’s safety during Halloween?

  1. Pay attention to the decorations
    1. Make sure to tape all wires down
    2. Avoid running cords across pathways
    3. Keep decorations off of walkways
    4. Limit or avoid the use of fog machines that can hinder visibility
    5. Use fake candles or lights instead of open flames to avoid a fire hazard
  2. Pay attention to slip and fall hazards
    1. Stairs should be well maintained and even
    2. There should be no broken pieces of cement or cracked stairways
    3. Driveways should be clean and absent of cracks or holes
    4. Home entryways should be clutter-free and well-lit
    5. Walkways and pathways around your home should be free of loose tiles or raised cement
  3. Pay attention to your pets
    1. Keep dogs on a leash, even in the home, while people are coming to visit
    2. If necessary, put pets in a crate or in a quiet and safe place away from the noise
    3. Warn guests of any pets that may react aggressively, and use a muzzle when necessary

What Should You Do If an Accident Happens?

Whether you are the homeowner or a visitor, it is important to gather evidence if an accident occurs. This involves taking pictures, writing down the time of day and order of events, and getting the contact information of witnesses. If you are a visitor and suffer injuries, you should seek medical attention as soon as possible and speak to a trusted personal injury attorney in Dallas at the law firm of Reyes Brown Reilley to discuss your rights.

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