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Dangerous Drugs, In The News

Five new and potentially dangerous weight loss drugs have been approved by The U.S Food and Drug Administration after rejecting every single new weight loss drug for the previous 13 years.

In the five weight loss drugs that have been approved, the potentially harmful side effects include suicidal thinking, increased heart rate, increased cancer risks and others. In addition, there is no proof that these FDA-approved diet drugs do anything to improve the health problems that obesity caused in the first place such as a higher risk for heart disease and other cardiovascular issues like high blood pressure, heart attacks and strokes. Below is a list of the five new weight loss drugs recently approved by the USFDA and a brief description of what they are supposed to do and their potentially dangerous side effects.

Five Newly-FDA Approved Weight Loss Drugs

  1. Orlistat – Orlistat is a lipase inhibitor which means that it is supposed to prevent fat from entering your blood stream by preventing the enzyme lipase from breaking down the fat. The excess fat is excreted and not absorbed by the blood causing side effects such as gassiness and oily bowel movements. There have been reports of severe liver damage by about a dozen people. The symptoms of potential liver damage include yellowing skin, yellow eye whites, dry, itchy skin, and dark yellow urine.
  2. Lorcaserin – Lorcaserin tricks the brain into feeling that you are full. Drowsiness, head aches and constipation have been side effect reported by those who use the drug. When taken in conjunction with other drugs used to treat depression, increased thoughts of suicide are said to possible occur.
  3. Phentermine – This drug is known to cause birth defects such as cleft palette when taken by pregnant women and increased suicidal thoughts. Other commonly reported side effects include high blood pressure, sleeping disorder and nervousness.
  4. Bupropion – Bupropion is sold under the brand name Contrave and was rejected in 2011 by the FDA because of concern over the drug’s effects on one’s cardiovascular health. As with other weight loss drugs it’s primary effect is to trick the brain into thinking that you are full. And as with the other weight loss drugs that’s not the only trick it can play on the brain. The drug has earned the strictest of the FDA’s warning, a “black box label” because of it’s causing increased suicidal tendencies.
  5. Liraglutide – Liraglutide helps promote the production of insulin by the pancreas and is sold under the brand name Saxenda. This drug also has a black box warning as it has been shown to cause tumors in lab rats. People with a family history of cancers are advised against taking this drug.

It’s only normal to suspect that when a large corporation’s profits are at stake, the testing standards of new drugs may be slackened, compromised and lowered. Since none of the new drugs do anything to cure the underlying problems caused by obesity it appears that their approval has more to do with the multi-billion market for weight loss drugs and less to do with helping people to regain their health. Drug company lobbyists have but pressure on the FDA in the amount of about $60 million to convince drug testers that the benefits of these five drugs outweigh their potential harmful side effects.

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