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Dangerous Drugs

shutterstock_110500937-300x343I don’t know how many countless mothers out there are told by their daughters’ doctors that they might consider putting their girls on birth control to help ease their menstrual symptoms. After all, birth control pills are known to reduce moodiness, fix acne, make periods lighter and diminish cramping. I also don’t know how many countless women have taken whatever random birth control pill their doctors have prescribed without a second thought.

What I do know is that I was once a teenager whose doctor prescribed birth control for my endometriosis, a condition that causes cells lining the uterine cavity to worsen a menstrual cycle, and I am now an adult woman who has taken birth control by choice. Come to think of it, although she is still young, I soon enough will be a mother with a teenage daughter whose doctor might suggest she too take birth control pills to help fix whatever hormonal problems may lie ahead.

As a woman who made the choice in the past to take whatever birth control pills my doctors prescribed without a second thought, I now realize how lucky I am that nothing bad happened based on that choice. Why would a decision from my past that required little thought be one of concern now? I wish I could say it was because as I get older, I make more informed decisions. Sadly, however, even an informed decision might not have helped me had I taken certain types of birth control.

I am an attorney that represents women who have been injured from taking Yaz, Yasmine or Ocella birth control pills, so I have heard firsthand what can happen when a woman does not get all the information she needs about the medicine she is prescribed. Many of the women I represent, often who are quite young, have suffered injuries simply because they took a pill prescribed by a physician.

Talking to women daily about their injuries resulting from taking these pills has given me a new awareness into the importance of having more stringent FDA testing for medications and the need for more adequate research prior to dispensing pills to the public. The women I talk to have suffered from blood clots, often having suffered deep vein thrombosis (DVT) or a pulmonary embolism (PE). Some women even have suffered strokes and more permanent debilitating injuries. The women often had to stay in the hospital for days or even weeks; their lives were forever changed.

I understand that my clients simply listened to their doctors’ advice. I also know there are other daughters, women and mothers who like me also listened to their doctors’ advice and took birth control pills assuming a prescribed medication would be safe to take. After speaking to countless women though who were injured when taking Yaz, Yasmine or Ocella, I now know that without better testing, many of the medications we take are not safe and can end up hurting innocent people.

If you or someone you know has been taking Yaz, Yasmin or the generic version, Ocella and experienced serious side effects, call the Dallas dangerous drug lawsuit experts at Reyes Browne Reilley now at 214-526-7900, email me, or fill out the case review form to the right of this page for a free consultation.

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