Check the real client reviews first. It’s easy to spot the law firms who do not care about their clients. It’s impossible to please everyone, but one can spot the lawyers who don’t even try. TIP: Add the word “complaints” to an online search of any law firm name you are considering.

When you are in a wreck, and it’s not your fault, you need to hire a lawyer or a law firm that has the trial experience and the reputation insurance companies fear. This means you need a law firm prepared to go to the mat for their clients, and that means the law firm must be prepared to file suit and take the case to trial if necessary. For the most part, the law firms advertising on TV and radio would rather do anything to avoid filing suit, which means insurance companies do not fear them. Some injury claims can settle quickly, and the adverse insurance carrier pays what the claim is worth. But when the other driver’s insurance company does not act in good faith, the Reyes Browne Reilley trial lawyers will file suit on your behalf.

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