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Frequently Asked Questions

Something we often get asked is “when should an individual seek medical treatment after their car accident?” Once you have been in an accident and you feel ill or anything that is out of the ordinary, you need to seek medical attention. Immediately feeling the aftermath of the car accident can be very dangerous.

After you have been in a car accident, your body goes into shock almost immediately. When this happens, your adrenal glands secrete adrenaline. This will trick your body into feeling normal. However, this process is doing just that; tricking you.

Feeling ill or your body feels out of the ordinary immediately following your accident is a red flag. This can mean severe damage. Your adrenal glands aren’t able to cover up the pain well enough. That means your damage to your body could be life-threatening. Seeing a doctor immediately is your best option in this case. The fastest way to do that is to tell them you need an ambulance.

Severe Symptoms to Look For:

  • Headaches could be concussions or severe hemorrhaging
  • Side aches or feeling sick to your stomach could mean internal bleeding
  • Neck pain could mean severe whiplash to the point of a spinal fracture.
  • Difficulty walking or putting weight on one leg could mean a bone fracture, ligament or soft tissue damage, or potential nerve damage.

While most people will tend to feel like they’re fine after an accident, it is necessary to continue to monitor your body for pain, swelling, and bruising. Sometimes your body needs a moment to settle down in order to feel the full effects of the car accident. As soon as you feel injured, you need to go seek medical attention.

Typically, it’s best to go earlier, rather than later, to ensure there are no problems that arise overnight. Getting a simple check-up after your car accident can do wonders for your health and healing process.

Need Help Paying For Those Medical Bills?

Most importantly, after you have decided you need to seek medical attention, you need to call a Dallas car accident attorney that cares. The person deemed at fault has an obligation to pay your medical bills. They will not do it themselves, their insurance will.

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