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Latino-Leader-2017Reyes Browne Reilley is proud to share Latino Leaders Magazine’s recent list of the Top Latino Lawyers of 2016, in which Angel Reyes, founder and managing partner, was listed.

A leader is a person who holds the skills and ability to lead or guide other individuals, teams, or entire communities and/or organizations.

According to Benny Agosto Jr., who when asked what makes an attorney a Latino Leader he said, “such a leader also holds within him or her a strong belief in oneself, in others around them, in justice, and the rule of law. These individuals and leaders all have a dream in their heart which makes the work they do on a day-to-day basis worth the effort, and makes our community and our country better places. A dream for a better Latino community and a better world will only come for those leaders that have the confidence in themselves, the business opportunities to involve others around them, and the desire to help others and make an impact in the community, while always giving back. An attorney Latino Leader is a philanthropist.”

The list of this year’s attorney Latino Leaders exemplifies these factors.

As an example, you will find leaders that were the first to go to college in their family, the first to go to law school, the first Latino/a hired at their firm or their legal department, the first Latino/a owner or partner of their firm, and without question national leaders.

Each attorney Latino Leader in the list is making a real impact in their respective communities. And as our Hispanic population continues to grow in our country, so should the key leaders who are Latino/a.

A snapshot of Reyes in the list reads:


Founder and Managing Partner Reyes Browne Reilley


Personal Injury, Business Contract Litigation, Mortgage Default, Complex Pharmaceutical Litigation, Business Tort Litigation

Angel Reyes Profile Page

Reyes started on Wall Street but ended up in Dallas, where he opened what would become a highly respected personal injury law firm. He has helped thousands of people recover hundreds of millions of dollars from big insurance companies and big corporations. Reyes is a Managing Principal of Cambria Investment Management, Inc., and is on the board of directors for the Alta Verde Group, a privately owned real estate fund. Reyes is often quoted by national newspapers and periodicals and appears on national television and radio shows.

The full list of all the amazing attorneys making an impact in the Latino community can be found in the Latino Leaders website, and in their November / December issue.

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